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Legally Sound Business Foundation {Mini Training}

Ready to legally bulletproof your business? Join Mariam in this exclusive series, where you'll dive into business structures, embrace your intellectual property rights, and craft loophole-free contracts that shield you from legal pitfalls. Don't leave your success to chance; click to fortify your business empire now!

ADA Compliance Now

Learn how to become ADA compliant and to avoid getting sued by various customers and potential customers. 

Legal Newsletter Membership

For just $9/month, you'll gain insider access to a treasure trove of legal insights and direct communication with a seasoned business and intellectual property attorney. Ask your specific legal question, and Mariam will answer your email in an exclusive email that is only available to paying members. 

Essentials Bundle Legal Templates {Course Creator Edition}

As an online business owner and entrepreneur, you most likely regularly create content to profit from and build a reputation such as online courses and other digital products. Protect your business and digital product empire with my professionally drafted legal policy and contract templates. 

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